NoIndex Paginated Category Pages in WordPress Yoast SEO Plugin 2022

How to NoIndex Paginated Categories and Tags Pages, While Using Yoast SEO Plugin?

For instance there are some URLs like “″ that you don’t want to index and rank on SERP in Google Search Engine.

Let’s have a quick look how to easily no-index these paginated archive pages from category and tags taxonomies in WordPress CMS, if you are using Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin.

Noindex paginated categories & tags from Search Results

Yoast SEO plugin had disabled this option in their plugin, we need to manually tweak it. Add following code snippet to functions.php file of WordPress and save it.

// Noindex paginated categories & tags from Search Results
add_filter(“wpseo_robots”, function($robots) {
if (is_paged() && is_archive()) {
return ‘noindex,follow’;
} else {
return $robots;

Now you have successfully added meta robots noindex, follow tag to paginated category and tag archive pages in WordPress CMS, while using Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin